Republican Party Press Release of the Week - Waukesha Edition

bwvFrom Wispolitics.com - The Waukesha Republicans are going to the fair!

The parts that confound me....

The Waukesha County Republican Party will once again have our booth at the fair in the arena. We are encouraging fair goers to stop by, join up, and vote in our Presidential Straw poll. Along with voting for your favorite candidate, if you haven’t renewed your membership or are interested in joining as a new member, we will have all the necessary forms to take care of your needs.

and then

The Republican Women of Waukesha County will once again have their jewelry and other merchandise for sale. Memberships for the RWWC will also be available.

Will someone clear this up for me once and for all? Do they not allow women to join the regular party? Why a separate organization and member dues for women?

Seriously... I want to know. I know what many of the ladies in the Democratic Party would do to me if I suggested they needed to have their own organization...

It might be the last thing I was ever allowed to say.


Anonymous said...

Are you serious?

Your mysoginist tendencies are showing: maybe the women made the men get their own Party.

And maybe in your party, there is no difference between the women and the men.

Anonymous said...

Is there not a Democratic Womens Club , I believe there is one in Fond du Lac and there is another one starting up in the Fox Valley area in Appleton.

jef said...

They have meetings that focus on women's issues, but everyone regardless of gender are welcome.

Also, there is no seperate joining. It is one organization.