I think Rep Gunderson has smoking and hunting mixed up...

That's why Slattery says there's no way eight-year-olds should be allowed to hunt, which would be the case if State Representative Scott Gunderson's bill passes. Gunderson says it's important to get kids involved in hunting early because if they don't start by age 12 or 13, it's too late.

Now, last I checked the hunting age has been 12 for a long, long time. Yet we still have plenty of hunters.

I think that an 8-year old does not have the judgement to look at the target, and make sure that everything around the target is safe to take the shot.

I encourage people to get their children involved with shooting sports. It is a great way for children to respect the power of firearms. But, in a more controlled environment. I shoot trap in the summer, and often get beat by kids under 12.

That is the proper place to indroduce kids to shooting. Not hunting in increasingly crowded spots.

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