Law Enforcement Approves of Doyles Concealed-Carry Veto

Governor Doyle deserves high praise for vetoing Senate Bill 403 the latest version of the concealed hand gun legislation,” according to LaCrosse County Sheriff Mike Weissenberger.

Weissenberger, president of the Wisconsin Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Association (WSDSA) said that “Our association, representing well over 2,000 law enforcement officers through out Wisconsin, is gravely concerned about a provision in the bill relating to the way that police officers would be allowed to use information about permit holders.”

Also, praising the Governor for his veto was WSDSA Executive Director, James Cardinal.

Cardinal, a former Chippewa County Deputy, is especially troubled by the prospect that a person convicted of a violation, or for solicitation, conspiracy, or attempt to commit a violation, under the uniformed controlled substances act would be eligible to apply for and could potentially be issued a state permit to carry a concealed hand gun after 3 short years.

“The bill treats concealed handgun permit holders differently when it comes to the retention of the state’s public records. Under the proposal application records are to be destroyed after 15 months,” according to Cardinal.
“This is completely wrong.”

He also said “There should be no exemptions for applicants undergoing computer record checks either.”

Weissenberger encouraged the public to contact their legislators and tell them to vote to uphold the governor’s veto.

The LaCrosse County Sheriff closed by saying that once again “It is up to every citizen to help insure the protections that the current 133 year old prohibition on concealed weapons has provided.”

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