Should Dean Kaufert be able to keep his liquor license?

I don't know if this is the law or not, but if it os then 'Silence Dogwood' makes a good point here:

Kaufert to lose liquor license?

Will Neenah State Representative Dean Kaufert lose his liquor license for his Main street tavern?

Kaufert owns Under the Dome (116 Main) in partnership with confessed corrupt politician and former GOP Majority Leader Steve Foti. Foti recently confessed to using State employers to run the political campaigns of his GOP buddies. The cost to the taxpayers for the salaries of the employees exceeds $300,000. Foti is awaiting sentencing which will likely include jail time.

Here is Kaufert’s problem. State law prohibits businesses that are owned in total or in part by convicted criminals from holding liquor licenses. Will the Neenah City Council yank the Dome’s liquor license? Or, will the Council members allow one of its favorite watering holes to thumb its nose at the law?


Anonymous said...

That would be a blow to his income as he would no longer be able to have illegal gambling machines.

Jim said...

Those types of laws generally only apply to convicted felons. Foti copped to a misdeanor. Thus, it's a non-issue.

Anonymous said...

Liquior license = illegal gambling machines based on an "opinion" Doyle made when he was AG.

Anonymous said...

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