Photo of the Week - Mark Green Doesn't Care About Women Edition

Above is the 'Photo of the Week' from Mark Green's Green Sheet Newsletter. Here's the caption:

Photo of the Week
This week's POTW is from Sunday, when Mark was the keynote speaker at the Sauk County Right to Life Rally in Baraboo. You can see a news clip about the event
here. Mark's been called a "pro-life hero" for his efforts to protect all human life. As further evidence of his not sharing our Wisconsin values, Governor Doyle is on record favoring no restrictions on abortion at all.
Just an observation...

Mark Green is discussing women's reproductive issues with a bunch of men who seem to look well past 'child-bearing' age.

Shouldn't they be getting some opinions from the women whom their decisions would affect?

It really reminds me of this famous picture (you'll have to click for the link) titled "President Bush Signs Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003" featuring Bush surrounded by nine men and no women at the ceremony.


Julie said...

Where does Mark Green stand on the death penalty? Because if he trulys wants to protect ALL human life, he can't be pro-death penalty.

I should note, that I don't know where he stands, I'd just like to know.

Epilogue said...

FYI, Jeff - men have the ability to create children their entire lives.

But what concerns me is your suggestion that men can childbear. It's never happened and never will.

And Julie - abortion and death penalty are apples and oranges; the argument presupposes that an unborn child is morally equal to a convict sentenced to death. And at the very least, those who have been convicted and sentenced to death at least have an appeals process...

jef said...

For the record- I was being witty about the 'child-bearing age'