Thoughts on a Part-time Legislature

A part-time legislature reduces the number of candidates who could have the job.

Why, only people that can afford to take the time off to convene can be in the legislature.
Therefore regular working people who do not have the flexibility (in both income and days available off work) to drive down to the Capitol several days at a time for part-time pay will not be able to serve.

Being in the legislature part-time is relegated to the retired, the wealthy, the self-employed, and others this this sort of flexibility.

We just saw that in the Calumet County Board this year when Brad Fischer had to drop off the board because they refused to schedule meetings out of regular work hours, and he could not attend.

I therefore (reluctantly) support a full-time legislature. But, along with that, we need publicly financed campaigns - so that not only can a regular member of society have the ability to serve, but also to win.

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