Clarification of Yesterday’s Press Release

Clarification of Yesterday’s Press Release
Pung-Leschke’s Quote and the Total Statement from Fitzhenry

OSHKOSH – Winnebago County Democratic Party Chairman Jef Hall today issued the following correction and clarification of yesterday’s Press Release “Pung-Leschke admits she’s a quitter”.

“After reviewing the tape of the Eye on Oshkosh debate, I misquoted Republican 54 Assembly Candidate Julie Pung-Leshke’s response to a question asking why she quit the Winnebago County Board short of her full term in 2001.” Hall stated.

Pung-Leschke’s actual quote was “I did not realize what sort of challenge being on the county board would be.”

“If she was not up to the challenge of the Winnebago County Board, how will she handle the atmosphere in Madison?” Hall asked.

Hall also wanted to include the entire statement regarding Pung-Leschke’s candidacy for the 54th Assembly from Oshkosh Northwestern Managing Editor Jim Fitzhenry.

In a blog post dated Jan 17th, 2006 Fitzhenry analyzed Pung-Leschke’s candidacy with this statement:

Julie Pung Leschke, Republican:
Upside: Leschke is articulate, was among a group of supervisors fighting for change on the Winnebago County Board and she's got impeccable family and GOP connections. She may have already lined up important support from party regulars to support her campaign.

Downside: How many average housewives have an extra $300,000 grand in the cookie jar to start a bank? Leschke left the county board tired and frustrated by former board Chairman Joe Maehl. Could she stand up to the much bigger bosses in Madison?

The blog post can be found here:


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