Leschke Goes Negative First:

From the Hintz campaign:

Hintz Campaign: Team Leschke Goes Negative

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Interest groups attack Hintz in effort to preserve legislative rubber stamp

OSHKOSH- With more than five weeks until the November 7 election, two of the largest special interest groups in the state are running television and radio advertisements attacking Democratic candidate Gordon Hintz and supporting establishment choice Julie Pung Leschke.

“I must be doing something right if my opponent has two of the biggest corporate interest groups in Wisconsin attacking me five weeks before the election,” said Hintz. When you challenge the status quo and offer real leadership for a change to people in Oshkosh, the special interest groups in Madison start running scared. And when they run scared, they run negative ads.”

Because the ads run by the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and Wisconsin Homeowners Alliance are “issue ads” they are unregulated under existing campaign finance laws and can be purchased directly with unlimited corporate money.

“If anyone wants to know what’s wrong with the system, they should just take a look at how special interest groups are trying to buy this election,” said Hintz.

The Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) is one the major or organizations that backed the attack on local control that has led to the City of Oshkosh’s garbage fee and the proposed county sales tax. Their legislative agenda is matched almost word for word by Republican Candidate Julie Pung Leschke’s literature. WMC is also on record opposing campaign reform. Voters in the 54th Assembly District have been waiting more than 57 days for Julie Pung Leschke to answer an independent survey on reform.

Hintz, who has been outspent by Pung Leschke 4-to-1, said voters can expect more of the same corporate involvement in the remainder of the race. The Wisconsin Homeowners Alliance purchased more than $20,000 worth of television ads in the 54th District.

“Special interest groups are backing the status quo and are looking for a rubber stamp in the Assembly. Oshkosh needs an independent leader who will listen to residents and fight for Oshkosh instead of selling out to corporate interest groups,” said Hintz.

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