Your vote counts... (if it is counted)

Shawano County DA Decided By One Vote


New Voice said...

See, only takes one vote.

New Voice said...

It's been nearly a month since I asked any side to convince me to vote for their candidates. Apparently my lonely little vote isn't good enough. Apparently none of you were around for all the recounts in the area in April. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!! Snub one and that one tells a few friends and those friends tell a few more friends and before you know it Democrats and Republicans could be looking for new jobs. Sorry to see that is how you treat constituents. Hey Babblemur, if you ever build that time machine, I'd like to borrow it to take back my vote for Jef Hall.

babblemur said...

New Voice -

How interesting to be called upon on Mr. Hall's blog!

My time machine - once finished - may not help you, as once that one 'Nader-hater' guy goes and takes care of the so called "Nader Factor" in 2000 you may never have had an opportunity to vote for Mr. Hall. You know, 'butterfly wings'... all that time travel jazz.

However, I would like to make a pitch for you to consider the Wisconsin Green Party candidates as worthy of your vote. Rae Vogeler, a Wisconsin activist for many years and working mother of two is challenging Herb Kohl for US Senate. Rae Vogeler is a peace activist, and she has a problem with the fact that Sen. Kohl has been voting for every war and defense spending bill that he has seen. Rae Vogeler wants to use the money being wasted (not to mention the lives of American service people being wasted) in Iraq to return to Wisconsin and the USA and used for the things that matter to normal everyday working people - health care, jobs, education. The fact that Herb Kohl has been voting himself tax cuts and denying us little people our basic needs and wants is embarassing for a Democrat.

You can view information about other WGP candidates from www.wigp.org , including Larry Harding, Jill Bussiere, Claude VanderVeen, Nelson Eisman, Leon Todd, Winston Sephus Jr., Mike LaForest, Mike Miles, and Bob Levis.

New Voice said...

I waited and I watched and only one party rose to the occasion. I can understand Republicans not wanted to "debase" themselves by being caught posting on a Democratic website, but apparently even the Democrats, including the leader of the county Democratic Party, does not see my piddly little vote as worthy of his time. I guess once they get into office, they don't have to worry anymore. With all the negative posts about the other guy and no positive posts to compell me to their candidates EXCEPT from another blog owner, I will be going Green Party all the way. And they only have themselves to blame, not that Dems or Repubs would every admit to anything. By the way, out of requests made directly to several party candidates, only the Green Party candidates spoke with me personally AND were able to answer my questions without sitting on a fence or dodging the issues. Hinz dodged, Leschke sat the fence, Kohl was too busy counting money, Mark Green only wanted donations and Republican allegience. Vogeler and Eisman talked to me and LISTENED to me. Maybe the Dems and Repubs could learn something.