Watching Gordon Hintz & Julie Pung-Leschke on Eye on Oshkosh

Some thoughts:

1. Leschke says she is against all public financing. Will she accept the grant?

2. SB1 is dead. The session closed without passing it.

3. She mentioned me as the reason the Northwestern did the story on her not answering (here is the link). She won't admit she doesn't want to answer.

4. She doesn't know if she would have supported a minimum wage hike - she never thought about it? I wonder why?

5. She won't answer how to provide healthcare, she doesn't want to pay for it - because she can afford it.

6. Are seniors really leaving WI - no, they are not. Wisconsin's population is rising.

7. She can't follow how funding works?

8. Leschke is anti-death penalty - hold her to it.

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