Reynolds' Rules

From the rules Sen Reynolds want followed to debate:

Audience Reaction.
The live audience will be prohibited from applauding or making noise during the forum and may not do anything visible or audible to express support or opposition to any candidate during the forum.

Outside of professional photographers or camera crews representing news media, no one in the forum hall shall be allowed to use any camera or video cameras during the program. If someone attempts to violate this rule, the moderator will stop the forum and ask the person to refrain from using his or her camera. The forum will not continue until the person has removed the camera from the forum hall. If the person refuses to abide by the rules, moderator will tell the person that they are trespassing on private property and will ask them to leave. If the person refuses, the moderator will discontinue the forum until the person leaves or removes the camera from the forum hall. If the disruptive person continues to use their camera/video camera, the moderator has the authority to end the forum.

I'm not sure it bodes well for a politician who is afraid of people and cameras...

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