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DPW: Wineke: Mean-Spirited Amendment Discriminates

CONTACT: Jessica Erickson,
Communications Director, 608-260-2406

GOP Promoting Hatred and Ignorance in Attempt to Gain Votes in November

MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Joe Wineke released the following statement today in advance of the expected vote by the Republican-run State Assembly to approve a constitutional amendment that would jeopardize existing legal protections for unmarried couples in Wisconsin, ban civil unions outright, and discriminate against gays and lesbians:

“Today, legislative Republicans are set to pass a constitutional amendment that is
unnecessary, mean-spirited, and discriminatory. Put simply: Wisconsin Republicans are promoting hatred, ignorance, and bigotry in a disgraceful attempt to gain votes at the election booth in November. It is absolutely despicable, and Republican legislators should be ashamed of themselves.

“Never before has the State of Wisconsin added a clause to its state constitution that would discriminate against one group of people. At a time when we should be promoting and ensuring civil rights and liberties for all Americans, Republicans want to turn back the clock. With this vote today, Republicans will bring Wisconsin one step closer to writing discrimination into our state constitution.

“Any way you look at it, this proposed constitutional amendment promotes discrimination – plain and simple. The Legislature should never be a part of it, and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin will never condone it. The legislature surely has better things to do than put hate into our constitution -- like passing proposals that make health care, home heating and higher education more affordable for the middle class. It is my hope that voters will reject this shameful amendment and the GOP agenda of fear this November.”

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