Interesting Points from a letter to the Cap Times:

Dear Editor: I see the Republicans are trying to be inscrutable in their races. Mark Green and Scott Walker are trying to be squeaky clean, incorruptible and fiscally responsible. Not one claim is true.
Mark Green came to Milwaukee in November with Bob Ney, R-Ohio. Ney went golfing on Jack Abramoff's credit card to St. Andrews golf course in Scotland. Mark Green took tainted money from Tom DeLay and Abramoff, and his chief aide goes to sporting events and gets wined and dined by Abramoff or his associates. Worse, he supports George Bush's irresponsible fiscal budgets, which leave us drowning in red ink.

Walker also states that everybody involved in the Tom Ament pension scandal should be sued, except the law firm that advised them, the same law firm that state Republican party chairman Rick Graber belongs to.

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