More on the Local Labor Council Endorsement

As I posted here, I am very proud to have the support and endorsement of the Winnebago County Labor Council. I also posted my request for support in that post.

A member of the deciding body discussed the endorsement a little more here.

As to Jef Hall’s endorsement… We did not hold a question and answer for County Board candidates. Jef requested our support, and answered the questions we provided. Sometimes, we endorse based on the candidates actions. Jef has been a supporter of union issues and union activities in the past and we felt his history spoke for itself. We made the same call when the Winnebago County Labor Council was among the first to back Peg Lautenschlager for AG. If there are other County Board candidates who would like the Labor Councils endorsement, they should follow the same process and we will consider their request. Our next meeting will be on March 28th.

Thanks again to the hard working people of the Winnebago County Unions that have chosen to support me. I will continue to support the hard-working families of Winnebago and Wisconsin.


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On Miles Maguire's Oshkosh News blog under a section on the city manager Melanie Bloechl said: "Those of us that have actually worked in this arena, understand that the Council should be giving direction to the City MANAGER, (hence the name manager)unfortunately this is not the case, and will not be until the good people of Oshkosh wake up and realize that the Council is not doing it's job." Later on in that same posting she said: "Dick has done a respectable job, considering that lack of leadership his bosses have shown."

Earlier today we learned that her close friend Paul Esslinger chose to attend a cribbage tournament a couple weeks ago instead of attending a special city council meeting where goals were discussed and set for the city manager for this year. It is unfortunate that her friend Mr. Esslinger was the only council member not there to help develop that direction she complains the city manager needs.

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