Rep. Pocan has a great point on the Assembly calender:

Can You Get Paid for the Whole Year to Work Only Until March 9?

2006 is a good year to work at the State Capitol, according to Republican leadership. Word is that the GOP leaders want us to finish session on March 9 for the year. That gives us two weeks to finish all legislative activity. Bills that don’t pass will die.

How does the public perceive a legislature that doesn’t take up issues that really affect their lives, but quits trying in March and will likely still collect lots of per diem dollars on top of their salaries for the rest of the year?I think I know the answer.

Hint: Look for a lot of new faces coming to the legislature next year.

Read it all here.

Unfortunately, I think people will use this info to argue that we need a part-time legislature. I don't think that is the way to go. I discuss why here.

Just because bad legislators want to be paid full time for part time work, don't change the system - change the people.

And publicly finance campaigns.

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