Quote of the Day - Civil Unions and Individual Rights Edition:

The last time we wrote discrimination into the Constitution was the original 3/5ths clause and slavery. Along with denying women the vote, the most reprehensible acts of our founders. We learned the lessons of history, and gave equal and free representation to these groups.

Now, the Wisconsin Republican Legislators want to write discrimination back into Wisconsin's founding document. Let's look back at what the leaders of the previous anti-discrimination movements said.

This quote was just featured on an NPR show about the early days of the Constitution I was watching. It struck a nerve to me and our current debates:

Has the God who made the white men and the black left any record as declaring us different species?Are we not supported by the same food, hurt by the same wounds, pleased with the same delights? And should we not then enjoy the same liberty, and be protected by the same laws?-James Forten, 1813

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