Sid Smith for Congress!

Here's a good story, exceprt below:

AUSTIN, Texas - Given his age, Sid Smith's campaign slogan seems obvious: "At 95, who needs term limits?"

The former newspaperman and real estate agent, who scoots around his hillside home with the help of a cane, is running for Congress in Tuesday's Democratic primary.

A Democrat whose platform is essentially to work to defeat all Republicans, Smith is adamant about protecting abortion rights.

"I don't think this country should leave to nine old people whose arteries are getting older all the time" the decision of whether a woman can have an abortion, he said.

The son of a Ukrainian immigrant father, Smith grew up in St. Louis and graduated from the University of Missouri in 1932, the heart of the Depression. He brags that he's the only candidate who had the pleasure of voting against President Herbert Hoover.

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