Some Other Letters to Altercation - Condi Edition:

If you do not yet read Eric Alterman's Altercation (www.altercation.msnbc.com) everyday - you need to start.

Here is some wisdom from it:

Name: Don Dougherty
Hometown: Lynbrook, New York
Dear Eric: When Condi stated that she was shocked that Hamas won, it was because she thought that the Palestinians were voting on Diebold machines.

Name: Dwight
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
This is in response to Dan in Greer, SC who stated it was shocking to hear Sec. of State Condi Rice profess amazement at Hamas winning the election in Palestine. Actually Dan it is the only reaction she has ever professed since she has been in W's administration. I.e., "no one could have imagined we would be attacked with airliners" and also "no one could have predicted a catastrophic hurricane would destroy New Orleans." For all her supposed intelligence and education I find her to be quite frankly thick as a brick (no insult to Jethro Tull) and wonder why she tends to get the biggest pass when assessing the failures of the Bush admin.

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