Those Who Refuse to Learn From the Past are Destined to Repeat it:

Stealing another post from Altercation:

Name: Jerome Clark
Hometown: Canby, Minnesota
Thank you for your continuing "Thanks, Ralph" reminders. I know a few of your readers, who would like to perpetuate the hoary myth of Naderian innocence, don't appreciate them. One hopes that one day they'll grasp the elementary truth that a narcissist left is a self-defeating left. No way around an unpleasant fact: Nader's run and Nader's voters made possible the country's calamitous, blood-soaked course over the past five years. Al Gore would have been a good President (may still be, if we're lucky), and thousands of Americans -- not to mention tens of thousands of Iraqis -- now dead would have been alive to celebrate something that, courtesy of Nader and those who voted for him, never happened. Thanks always, Ralph.

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