Rep. Pocan: Hate is Hate - A must read

Rep. Mark Pocan gets it 100% correct on his blog by comparing the funeral protesters to the no-gay-marriage amendment supporters. Click here to read it all:

What I find most interesting, however, is that Phelps and his ilk are the same people who so aggressively want to place a discriminatory amendment to our state constitution making civil unions and marriage illegal in Wisconsin, which are already not legal in our state.

There’s no way to sugar coat this for my vociferously anti-gay colleagues, so here it is; hate is hate. The hate Fred Phelps represents when he protests military funerals is just as inappropriate as the introduction of hateful legislation like the constitutional amendment banning civil unions and gay marriage. This hate doesn't become any less tolerable just because it's preached by the legislature while wearing suits and ties instead of carrying signs and using a bullhorn.

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