Score One for 'Responsible Gun Owners'

This is out of hand:

A lawmaker who flipped his stanceand voted to sustain the governor's veto of a bill that would let people carry concealed weapons says his wife got death threatsafter the vote. Rep. John steinbrink, D-Pleasant Prairie, said his wife, Roberta, got two death threats via telephone shortly after the Assembly voted Tuesday afternoon to sustain Gov. Jim Doyle's veto.

He said his wife was shaken by the calls. "I know a lot of the gun owners in Kenosha and most of them are pretty good people and friends of mine," Steinbrink said. "This was an unfortunate incident by several people who apparently don't have the mental capabilities to carry a gun or possess one."

This does nothing to help your cause. I am against concealed carry for this reason alone. If everyone were a good person who was concerned about their neighbos well-being, we wouldn't need many of our current laws.

However, as this gentleman proved, we do need laws for the few destructive people in our society.

Had concealed carry passed, this guy would be at the grocery store fighting for the last christmas ham with you, packing heat.

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Crazy bastards.