Press Release: Petri Votes Against Winnebago County,

Here's our press release in response to Petri's vote yesterday:

Winnebago County Democratic Party: Petri Votes Against Winnebago County, Cuts Medicare, Medicaid and Student Aid.

“Today, Rep. Petri voted to gouge important programs for Winnebago’s most vulnerable as well as those student programs so valuable to ensure our youth prepare themselves for today’s job market.” responded Winnebago County Democratic Party Chair, Jef Hall.

“In the face of widespread support of these programs, Rep Petri decided instead to continue George Bush’s giveaways to the wealthy. Now, when Winnebago County taxpayers wonder why local tax bills increase, when Winnebago County’s most vulnerable wonder where are the programs on which they rely and when Winnebago County’s students wonder why their student debt is skyrocketing – they will have Rep. Tom Petri to thank.”

Hall finished, “Senior groups, student groups, labor groups, the Winnebago County Executive, and State Legislators joined the unanimous Winnebago County Board in
calling for Rep. Petri to support his constituents and reject George Bush and the Republican Congressional agenda of cutting vital health care and student programs for the poor and middle class in favor of continued tax cuts for the top 10% with no deficit reduction.”

“It doesn’t Help Winnebago County, and it doesn’t help Wisconsin”

And, as a special message to Scott Walker - who I enjoy picking on for mistake & typo filled press releases - I do realize that I have the date wrong. I went off a past template and did not update the date.

You got me!

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