Northwestern: Bush Is a Lame Duck

The OshNW deserves kudos today for this editorial. Some may be tempted to call it Bush-Bashing, but that is unfair. They are really just speaking the truth.

Here are some excerpts:

The moral platform of the American conscience also suffered in 2005. Our president openly supported wiretaps without clarity on how the privilege may or may not be abused against its own people. Even more heinous, secret prison torture camps have been allowed in Eastern Europe nations. We committed these acts and there has yet to be full accounting.

The hope for the nation now must be that Congress gets some new blood in fall elections. As we alluded, those elections will steal attention from presidential priorities. For President Bush, 2006 is looking like a very difficult year, indeed.

Further, a Republican-majority Congress with a Republican president decided to enact serious Social Security reform. Any president would call this a winning combination. Our Congress and president failed so badly that the issue has almost ceased to have debate in Washington, D.C.

Read it all here.

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