Will Summerfest Become a Free-Fire Zone?

Mayor Barret & Rep Richars make a good point here:

With the concealed carry vote looming, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Assembly Assistant Minority Leader Jon Richards (D-Milwaukee) issued a warning to the public regarding the potential threat of hidden weapons at Summerfest, State Fair Park and other outdoor venues under SB 403, the concealed carry legislation for Wisconsin. In the bill’s current form, Summerfest, State Fair Park, and other outdoor venues would not be allowed to protect its thousands of visitors from the danger of hidden weapons.


Assembly Democrats offered an amendment to SB 403 that would have allowed Summerfest and other festival and concert venues from banning concealed weapons on their property. The amendment was defeated along party lines. The Assembly is scheduled to take up an override attempt of Governor Jim Doyle’s veto of SB 403 on Tuesday.

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